I had a Cosmos Child session with Katrina a few months ago. As the session progressed, I realised that some things that had happened during my childhood, seemingly isolated experiences and/or events, were actually connected. Kind of like bringing a few puzzle pieces together that made a picture-and gave me a much greater understanding of those events and experiences. Some of the beliefs that I had formed because of those experiences/events were instantly dispersed and new ones have been created, as I now have a greater understanding - truth - about myself, my world and my place in it.

Cosmos Child is a powerful process, even with an adult, as the way I see it, we all still have a child within no matter how old we are, that needs to be expressed and understood. Thankyou Katrina, for the assistance in helping me to integrate this within me. I feel stronger, more at peace and freer to move forward without such limiting thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve my own greater good.

Meredith Gillard

It was around two months ago I saw a sign advertising reiki and chakra balancing. Having suffered with depression and little sense of self-worth since I was eight years old, last year in my twenty second year, I made it my mission to get to the core and find out who I really am, my purpose in life and why I was feeling so lost for so long. I made my appointment with Katrina to experience "Cosmos Child 10 Step Process" which included the reiki and chakra balancing. Since I had not experienced it before I didn't know what to expect. But it was amazing! Katrina is such a beautiful person who cares about everyone and it's clear that she is someone who just wants to help others achieve their balance and inner happiness. The atmosphere she had created was relaxing and comfortable and the actual session opened up some emotions and thoughts that really needed addressing if I was to move on and achieve pure happiness in the future. I left feeling innovated, cleansed and ready to conquer everything that was holding me back. Today I am amazed at how far I've come since beginning my pursuit for happiness and Katrina's work was a huge helping step towards that. Her outlook on life is truly inspiring and her passion for her work radiates like wild fire. If you're looking for someone with the up most professionalism and kind hearted nature, Katrina is the lady to see! Thank you Katrina!

Emma-Kate Harris

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of relief, healing and comfort having a healing session with Katrina provided me. I found Katrina to be of extremely high integrity and her disposition was both caring and genuine. I thoroughly enjoyed the healing I received and was amazed how the singing bowls shifted 'stuck' emotions within me. I have no hesitation in recommending a 'Childosophy' healing session to anyone who is wanting to connect, heal and/ or learn to honour and cherish their inner child.