Child / Teen Consultations

An initial consultation will typically involve some observation, discussion, information gathering, and an assessment of needs.

Once the best course of action is determined & agreed upon by the child and parent,  the session would usually consist of a combination of  energy healing (Reiki / Seichim / Pellowah) and  chakra based healing  where we read the energies of body, mind and spirit to identify unmet needs & unprocessed emotions, and bring them forward to be acknowledged and released.   The session might also include some vibrational healing with crystals and singing bowls, and perhaps some Rhythmic Movement Training.  

When it is determined that RMT would be beneficial, follow up sessions will be recommended & parents will be provided with a programme of simple movements to practise at home with their child.  Short, regular home sessions are important for ongoing brain development & primitive reflex integration.

All sessions are flexible & are tailored to best suit the needs of the client (child / family / adult) and the issue at the time of the treatment.

All healing sessions involving children / teens (under 18yrs) are conducted in the presence of a parent/caregiver.