What We Offer

In person hands on healing sessions are currently paused while COVD19 rules are in place, however, you can stay physically distanced but socially connected by joining the Spellbound Magical Gifts Community group where you can access FREE readings, meditation & distance reiki sessions.

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Chakra Balancing & Energy Healing

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rhythmic movement disorder

Rhythmic Movement Training

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tarot readings


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Parenting Consultation

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Child / Teen Consultations

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Inner Child / Past Life Healing

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What Our Clients Say

I had a Cosmos Child session with Katrina a few months ago. As the session progressed, I realised that some things that had happened during my childhood, seemingly isolated experiences and/or events, were actually connected. Kind of like bringing a few puzzle pieces together that made a picture-and gave me a much greater understanding of those events and experiences. Some of the beliefs that I had formed because of those experiences/events were instantly dispersed and new ones have been created, as I now have a greater understanding - truth - about myself, my world and my place in it.

Cosmos Child is a powerful process, even with an adult, as the way I see it, we all still have a ch ...

Meredith Gillard